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Our Keynote Speakers

Every B•A•P•S Meeting is unique and is an opportunity to learn something new about our aviation industry here in South East Queensland. We are always looking to invite highly reputable representatives from our industry and other organisations to give us insights to exciting topics.  


Group Managing Director @

Airline Academy of Australia

"What it takes to run a top quality aviation training organisation"

The astute Australian executive cut his teeth in aviation during the turbulent 1990’s, working for the Air New Zealand – Ansett Group and from start-up to IPO with Alliance Airlines. An ability to articulate conceptuality and crystallise the opportunity, Craig’s analytical and communication skills have been developed during his academic studies, technical research and executive management roles. With a passion for excellence in aviation standards, Craig is executive Chairman of TeamOTP, Director of DuncanDomain and Group Managing Director for the Airline Academy of Australia.


Deputy Director @

Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA)

"Research in Automated Emergency Landing Systems for Unmanned Aircraft"

Dr Luis Mejias Alvarez is a Senior Lecturer in UAVs in the Science and Engineering Faculty at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and is the Deputy Director of QUT's Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA). Luis holds an Electronic Engineer Degree from UNEXPO (Venezuela) and a Master and PhD degree from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). Luis' current research areas are Collision Avoidance and Forced Landing for Unmanned Aerial Systems. In 2012 he was awarded an ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (2012-2014) to develop automated technologies in aircraft emergency landing scenarios.



Director of Production @

Airbus Helicopters

"My aviation journey; a rewarding journey of learning, opportunity and relationships"

Wayne Archer is the Director of Production for Airbus Helicopters, producing the MRH 90 multi role helicopter platform for the Australian Defence Force. Since starting out as an apprentice AME, Wayne has over thirty years experience in the aviation industry where he has worked for East West Airlines and Ansett Airlines as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Project Manager before taken up the opportunity as a manager in the production of the ARH Tiger and MRH-90 with Airbus Helicopters. As well as holding various CASA LAME endorsements, Wayne has also achieved an Associate Degree in Technology Management (Aviation and Technology) from Deakin University and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA – Leadership and Strategy) with Queensland University of Technology.



Business Development Manager @

Aviation Australia

"The Impacts of Workforce Planning and Regulatory Compliance in the Global Aviation Industry"

Paul Jones started his career at Aviation Australia (Australia's largest EASA/CASR Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organisation) in June 2012 and held several positions giving him multiple opportunities to gain insights of operational environment within airlines.




Alliance Airlines

"People – The Single Greatest Strength & Weakness in Aviation"

Lee has previously held the roles of General Manager Operations and Chief Operating Officer of the company.  He commenced his career working as a solicitor in a boutique Sydney law firm, where he acquired a broad experience in corporate, commercial and transport matters. Lee subsequently spent many years working for an international aircraft leasing company where he gathered extensive experience managing aircraft leasing, sale and financing transactions throughout the world and was part of the team that implemented an aircraft trading joint venture with investment bank Goldman Sachs. After a period as the head of Asia/Pacific for the joint venture he then made the transition to airline operations as a member of executive team at an Australian based airline prior to joining Alliance in June 2012.


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